The Tantra of Truth

by Darren Austin Hall



The Tantra of Truth is an album of incredible depth and power, provideing a perfect soundtrack for our power revolutionary times. Tantra, an ancient form of spirituality from India that was found profound renewal in our contemporary times, evokes an ecstatic spirit of unifying with all aspects of our experience--from the dark to the light. In this truth, humanity is called to expand and evolve to embody its natural birthright as a being of bliss and wild wisdom. The Tantra of Truth is like a musical initiation into such, providing massive soundscapes of power and intense feeling to inspire shift and positive transformation. This album is perfect to empower ecstatic states, healing and meditative work, to inspire a sense of the sacred and enliven the feeling power of the heart.

Produced by musical genius, Stephen Bahnesli, the album veers from crystal bowl trance ("Calling the Awen") to an honouring of indigenous prayer with robust guitar, stirring beats and meditative harp ("Soaring [When Eagles Come]) to the luminous rendition of the Gayatri mantra which opens the album in a massive invocation of the power of light and consciousness. The album also features the yogini and spoken word artist extraordinaire, Megan Marie Gates, who lends her angelic vocals to "Woman Is Sacred"--an anthem for the return of the sacred feminine. Finally, Liz Huntly features with her seraphic violin. Each of the nine songs is an epic journey unto itself to be enjoyed in solitude or in the throes of an immense shamanic dance party. Dive in and power up!

"When attempting to describe someone's music, it's natural to compare it to something else. I have trouble doing that with Darren Austin Hall's album The Tantra of Truth because his sound is so original. Sometimes I feel I'm listening to a modern shaman; other times I envision myself sitting on a vast delta in India watching the sun rise, or in the depths of an ancient temple in Tibet. Guttural calls from deep in the throat manifest as sutras, then something else. Spontaneous poetry and evocative rhythms bring to mind yoga or psychedelic journeys. I alternatively want to meditate and dance to this fusion music: this could be the sound track for what Terence McKenna called the Archaic Revival." Guy Crittenden

"The Tantra of Truth, Darren Austin Hall's new cd is a masterpiece. It is one of the rare moments in musical recordings that take you on a complete journey, that touches, body, mind, soul and dreams. It is at the level of Dark Side of the Moon, only better."
Anandashakti Saraswati, lead singer of love Power, Yoginni, poet and karmic reader.

Every once in a while, a musician comes along that transforms space and time before your very eyes and ears. Darren is one such musician. A natural healer, leader, and soul brother, Darren's capacity to create mystical soundscapes is just utterly breathtaking. His connection to the world of sound and vibration needs no explanation, for it cannot be explained, it has to be experienced. And so it is! On Friday night, Darren blazed a new trail for those who came to support his new album, The Tantra of Truth. As the room shape shifted, melted, transcended, illuminated, expanded, unified, danced, radiated, and uplifted, so did we. If music is to be experienced to be understood, Darren has done a brilliant job with his new album in reminding us of who we really are...filaments of light, love, and vibration. As a friend, soul brother, and fellow music enthusiast, my hope is that this album reaches far and wide around the globe...the world needs his message! Darren is a mirror that reflects back to us our own truth as expressed through love, light, empowerment, brilliance and sound. As part of the grand awakening, buy this album, and come and see this man perform live!! You will savour every sacred, sonic moment, and be glad you did."
Matt Waters


released September 13, 2013

Produced, mixed and engineered by Stephen Bahnesli at Eleclectic Studios. Mastered by Andy Krehm for Silverbirch Productions.



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Darren Austin Hall Toronto, Ontario

Darren Austin Hall is a sacred artist and holistic healer whose mystical musical offerings are renowned. His unique voice, a blend of overtone and intuitive chanting, is a powerful experience to behold. Darren is passionate about making music that speaks to the soul and creates devotional and transformative states. ... more

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Track Name: Gayatri
bhur bhuvah svah
tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi
dhiyo yo nah pracodayat

Truth, earth, atmosphere, heaven
May we meditate on the radiant light
Of that brilliant creator
Who may guide our thoughts
Track Name: Self-Realized
I sit here all lit up in meditation
Emptiness, sweet mystery of void
My only contemplation
Letting all knowledge go
Surrendering it to the flow
For truth is a feeling
We can never ever know

The forest is my cathedral
The trees and landscape
I never want to escape
The pastoral of this prayer
Peeling back all layers
To the forces beneath
Is where I seek
And suddenly
My walls have sprung a leak
Something’s all pervasive
Something’s pulsing deep within
Where all begins, where all begins

And I tremble with a kind of joy
That transcends everything before
A laughter and weeping
Opening a door
And for the first time in my life
I am awake
And all that is trivial becomes great
Centering in the eye
Dualisms begin to unify
And poof!
We are self-realized.

We are self-realized, self-realized

Don’t stop to theorize
Keep the flow
And realize
I look to the Sun and am bathed in jubilance
Great fiery orb of life, making all life dance
And suddenly every name ever given
Is a dusty scar on existence
Revealing of my mystery my only interest
For all that I’ve classified
Has put a thorn in my eye
Put a line between you and I
We need union, union

Oh my...