The Death of Love

by Darren Austin Hall



The Death of Love is an EP of magnificent potency. The album centres on the title track, which was a totally improvised one take recording of me channeling my own suffering days after heart-break. Everything just poured out perfectly, lyrics and all, with the guidance of the muses, as tears welled in my eyes. 'Tears of a Smile' is an older piece that I wrote while working with a council of Native American elders and harkens to the spirit of that time when the power of prayer really came into my life. 'With An Eagle On My Shoulder' is a powerful spoken-word piece I put over an amazing ambient piece Stephen composed. It speaks to the intensity of our times and is a call for warrior strength. 'Woman Is Sacred' (Transcendent Remix) is an incredible trance-remix Stephen made of a song which originally appeared on my last album 'The Tantra of Truth'. It's very special and should provide some ecstatic dancing inspiration!


released March 7, 2015

Produced, Mixed, Mastered by Stephen Bahnesli
at Eleclectic Studios



all rights reserved


Darren Austin Hall Toronto, Ontario

Darren Austin Hall is a sacred artist and holistic healer whose mystical musical offerings are renowned. His unique voice, a blend of overtone and intuitive chanting, is a powerful experience to behold. Darren is passionate about making music that speaks to the soul and creates devotional and transformative states. ... more

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Track Name: Tears of a Smile
The Tears of a Smile

I wake this morning
With seas moaning in my eyes
As I call to you
To honour you
Vowing to work
To blaze and be bright.

I ask to be filled
With strength to keep this flame in my heart
In the midst of the winds of time
So I can light up other candles just like mine.

Oh Creator
Be with me
Make my love a spiral
I cry
Quivering like a child
In the throes of the secret energy
Bubbling in my belly.

I wait
Until my entire body
Is suffuse with your shining
Is touching
the nectar…

As tears overflow from my eyes
I suddenly realize
They are your tears
You too are weeping for this shimmering felicity
A part of you as I am me:

I cannot fathom
This kiss on the lips of Goddess
With the pegs of mind
The branding of words
Only with these tears

Cajoling my sadness
To smile…
Track Name: With An Eagle On My Shoulder
With an eagle on my shoulder…

We are not meant
To play small,
To give in
To the negativity that wants to loot
The temple of our being;
When those tears start falling
Don't be ashamed,
Squeeze your suffering in embrace
Until the last of them is cajoled to manifest;
Until you're intimate
With the pain that has truly sprung them,
And you shall find there
Not the mere devastation of love forlorn,
Not the unyielding distance separating two hearts from coupling,
Nor the anguish of watching the Middle East burning awake to despair,
But the beautiful fragility of life itself
Swaying in this irreducibly complex chain of cause and effect,
Of death and all things bereft;
Of the gasping gore of going in so deeply to things
That there's really nothing left...
For truly
Our pain is so wrapped up in holding onto things
That can never be held onto
So why hold on?
Why not
Let go
And just

It's OK:
I'm going to die too
We all will
And my heart's going to get broken beyond belief regardless
Because whomever joins me in sacred love
I will undoubtedly have to say goodbye to one day,
I do know that we're best as warriors,
Not fighting out there
But in here
Against illusions and all the barbwire besetting truth,
Because we've been programmed to believe
So many things
And Kali is screaming through all of us
To destroy,
Not only to create but strip away,
To bask in the benedictions
Of what is natural, what is mutual
Because nothing fell
I repeat
Nothing fell...
No garden was turned asunder,
Flowers are eternity’s nectar…
Paradise is found in the moment we stop searching…
Bliss is our birthright.

You are heroic
Each time you allow your heart to open,
Can make us strong,
And we must become passionate
In these sedated times
Where even the things we look at are intoxicants
Suffuse with subliminal black magic
Addictions to what is tragic.
Be strong
But don't try
Just be
And you'll see.
Wipe away
All the conditioning,
All the injected truth
That the lost leaders have propagated
'All the words are messed up!'
So redefine
'and the whole world's messed up!'
Mess it up faster!!!
I daresay the longer we hesitate the more we prolong
The changes sweeping through
And I no longer want to do it for me
I want to do it for you
And you
And you...

Don't ever, ever forget
That you are not creating your world
But THE world
With every thought.
Don't ever forget
How powerful this makes each and every one of us
And don't get me started on how powerful animals are
...another poem indeed!

Let's start a revolution of consciousness
By deciding how you want to be
By deciding what world you wish to see
By deciding what world will make certain
Our children are free.
Dream as big and wild as you can
Each and every day
cultivate the visions of your
Deepest desires
Depth equated with feeling, I mean
the desires that create true happiness
we all have them
let's share them...
and make them grow in the gardens of our world
to blossom as the heavenly herbs kissed awake by Earth
in the watery-fires of our abandonment to a universe of connection!
We are unison
A kiss bridled to stars
And each breath
A love poem written
By galactic arms
Our radiance is Eternity’s
Infinity plays hide and seek
With the dances of our dreams
Let all fear come forth
To be embraced
By the inextinguishable flame
And find the sacredness
Looking always for you…
I see what's happening in Israel & Palestine
and no I am not ignoring it
I am hoping, praying with as many moments that are at my disposal
that we are close
through the agony of suffering
to understanding
how precious life is
how nationalities, religions, and bloodlines
are obscuring
a greater whole
when we kill someone
a part of us is also dying
and that it doesn't matter if they killed your child
and raped your mother
by seeking revenge
you are only going to set vengeance and death
on your own children
who is courageous enough to stop the madness?
who is courageous enough to say the time for grieving is over
and that I forgive the pain that has made you murderous
and the loss of love that has made you think this world
is devoid and demonic
and that
I know what it is to be wounded
so let us weep together
and drown in our sadness until we are one salving sea of tears
and make room again
for that something bigger
that holds us all...

because I love you
whatever you are
and whatever you did
and that
will never

this my honour
until death
and into death...